DUO Tote Bag & Blanket (Black & Light Blue)

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DUO transforms from a bag to a blanket in 3 easy steps

DUO has plenty of space to carry all of your belongings, along with zippered pockets - both inside and out - to keep your big and little things safe.   

Unzip the sides of your DUO bag and a full-sized blanket will unfold and emerge in a matter of seconds. 

Lay your DUO blanket out on any surface you wish to relax upon. When you’re done relaxing, simply fold it back up - even with your things on it - and zip up the sides. That's it...you’re ready to go in less than a minute.


Product Information:

DUO is made from 100% polyester materials. It is 100% machine washable.  

Product Dimensions:

As a tote bag: 20 inches (w) X 17 inches (h)

As a blanket: 68 inches (h) X 40 inches (w)